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We recommend that residential septic customers protect themselves with regular preventive maintenance of their waste disposal systems, including septic tanks and pump stations. When you become an A-1 Gator Septic customer, we maintain detailed information about your system, including dates of recommended service. You will receive a reminder, every 3 years, to schedule service. Our professional, trained and certified technician will arrive at your location, pump and thoroughly inspect your system then give you a condition report of your system.

Our vacuum trucks can pump tanks from 50 to 500,000 gallons with ease. Further camera inspections may be performed on the empty tank and lines if needed. If repairs or other services are required, A-1 Gator Septic will assist you with resolving your problems.

A-1 Gator Septic’s video inspection equipment utilizes a self-propelled transporter with a 360° high-resolution camera allowing for a complete overview of your system. Our cameras will survey lines with 4- to 72-inch diameters with moderate flow. Robotic inspections reveal obstructions, cracked lines, and leaks before site work begins.

All video data collected is recorded onto a CD or DVD format for cataloging. A-1 Gator Septic will pinpoint your problem so the most cost-effective solution can be determined.

For more information about caring for your septic system please see our FAQs.

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“It's nice to know who to call whenever you have a septic issue. A-1 Gator is always there and they always take good care of us”

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- Michael V.
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“The team at A-1 Gator really know there stuff. It's nice that the job is done and I don't have to worry about it anymore.”

- Donna B.
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