Vactor trucks are powerful machines designed to clean entire sewer and wastewater systems. They employ high-power centrifugal compressor vacuums, water-jet rodder pumps, telescoping reels, hydraulic booms, and specialized nozzles. They are able to remove heavy, impacted waste and debris from great depths.

For truly major obstructions, our vactor service is appropriate for removing sand, rocks, grease, roots, and other large objects. A-1 Gator's Vactor 2100 with 5,000 CFM blower in conjunction with 100 GPM/3,000 PSI provides the power and speed to complete even the largest jobs efficiently and quickly. With 600 ft. of hose we can get to the hardest to reach places, providing municipalities, commercial establishments, and industrial complexes with comprehensive cleaning. When needed, A-1 Gator will supply the documentation required to comply with current state, county, and municipal requirements.

A-1 Gator Septic is the complete solution for all of your wastewater and storm water needs.

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“The team at A-1 Gator really know there stuff. It's nice that the job is done and I don't have to worry about it anymore.”

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